a magical eid...

eid al fitr (jameel) . 2024
eid al fitr for hayy jameel . 2024

eid al fitr for jameel arts centre . 2024

eid al fitr for art jameel . 2024

eid mubarak to everyone celebrating! may your festivities be filled with joy and love amongst family and loved ones. i'm truly thankful for all of life's blessings. for many around the world, that is not the case – please keep those going through troubling and difficult times in your thoughts and prayers.
i was invited to work on the eid greetings for hayy jameel, jameel arts centre and mother company art jameel. the inspiration behind the visuals was my recent textile piece for the jameel library commission titled 'in search of magic' (see previous post about the project here). a collection of magical symbols and patterns appear on all three greetings, and culminate together in the art jameel greeting. 
i'm so so happy with the end results – each greeting stands on its own as a unique design, but also complete each other as a trio! the greetings wouldn't be as magical as they are if it wasn't for dina al khatib, who helped with animating the final greetings. thanks dina!
keeping this post short and sweet – enjoy the eid break, and see you at the next post!


postcards for charity

mini mother of the house . 2024

mini dance distortion . 2024

on the 21st of march, capsule arts hosted 'postcards for compassion – charity art event', a post-iftar fundraiser for one night only at their headquarters, inviting 80+ artists to contribute original a5 sized art postcards, all priced at aed 100. full proceeds of sales would be donated to the emirates red crescent for the humanitarian aid in palestine. click here for more information about the event via capsule arts' web page.
i was happy to participate in the fundraiser with the two original artworks you see above, made with humble coloured ballpoint pens and fluorescent markers. i'm even happier to announce that both artworks were sold. i arrived early at the fundraiser with hopes of taking a few photographs of my works on display, but they were already gone. as annoyed as i was for not managing to get any photographs, i was delighted to find out that someone liked my works and purchased them. to whoever got my artworks – thank you and i hope my little postcards find happy homes! and may our small contributions help those that are currently in need.
ending this short post with a thank you to capsule arts for the invitation to participate. to more fundraisers in the near future...


mother of the house

mother of the house . 2024

printing 'mother of the house' at full special studio pop up, sikka art and design festival . 2024

it's the first day of spring and mother's day in the arab world. coincidently, i just received my risograph editions of 'mother of the house', a new print i worked on at full special studio's pop up at the recent sikka art and design festival. if you haven't seen my previous post about full special studio at sikka and the risograph prints i exhibited at their pop up space, please read here.
during sikka, i was asked to create a new risograph print during the duration of the fair. to complement my already exhibited series 'children of the house', i thought my new print would be aptly titled 'mother of the house'! in the world of voguing and ball culture, every house has a mother to their children – i'll leave it to you readers to do a little research to know more on your own! 
i love the quality of the marks from my pen drawings printed as multicoloured layers on a single page. one again, thank you full special studio for the invitation, guidance and support with being a part of their launch and printing my works. if you haven't yet, please follow full special studio right now!!!
ending this post with a happy mother's day to all the mothers out there. god bless...


ramadan kareem 2024

ramadan . 2024

it's that time of year again – ramadan kareem to those observing. may it be a blessed, holy month for us all. sending well wishes to anyone reading this, as well as your families and loved ones.
ramadan has been quite a challenging month for me in recent years. we do our best to observe the holy month, and some years are better than others. here's hoping this year is one of the better ones. remember to be charitable, grateful, mindful and thankful. and keep those that are less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers, especially with all the current tragedies happening around the world.
i'll keep this post short and sweet, and end with a big thank you to shamal holding for giving me the opportunity to work on the illustration above as their ramadan greetings for this year. i'm pretty happy with how it turned out.


children of the house

children of the house i . 2024

children of the house ii . 2024

children of the house iii . 2024

children of the house b/w (gif) . 2024
here's a series of new risograph prints i worked on with my dear friends diego and finn who've recently set up their risograph printing studio, full special studio! i'm so excited and proud of them because i've heard them brainstorm ideas of wanting to open a studio for awhile and they finally took the leap and launched at this year's sikka art and design festival. we finally have a risograph printing studio in town!
my prints are a continued exploration of my dancing silhouettes which i've only so far been producing as stamp prints. i took the opportunity to use the risograph machine to give my silhouettes a different dimension – printing the hand drawn pencil marks in colour, and play with values and overlays which is the beauty of riso prints! this is the first time i have multiple dancing figures across a page, so it was fun to build these scenes of dance poses and interactions. it's inspired by my love for house music, voguing and the participants i've encountered from this club culture that i've grown to love – i dedicate these prints to the children of the house...
i really love how the final prints turned out and i can't thank the full special studio duo for guiding me through the process to come up with the best outcomes. if you're not familiar with risograph printing, please do a little search and learn more about it. and more importantly, please follow full special studio and keep up to date with what they have to offer in the near future. support small, local businesses...
ending this post with a photo of my prints beautifully displayed at the full special studio pop up space at this year's sikka art and design festival. it's been 10 years since my last participation at sikka (see here), and i'm super happy to be back after all these years with full special studio. 

all photos courtesy of full special studio.

'children of the house' at full special studio pop up, sikka art and design festival . 2024



'speechless' i . 2023

'speechless' ii . 2023

'speechless' iii . 2023

'young voices of arabia 2023' publication . 2024

i had the opportunity to work with voices of future generations once again (see previous project here) on their 2023 edition of 'young voices of arabia', an annual publication that invites young creative writers between the ages 8 – 12 to submit short stories which if selected, will be published. each story in the book is supported with illustrations by invited artists and illustrators.
the story i was tasked to illustrate was 'speechless' by twelve year old author diala sadeq khatib, about the power of friendships to make positive change. i hope the author is happy with the illustrations!
'young voices of arabia 2023' is now available for purchase, both in english and arabic, via the voices of future generations' website. it's a great edition this year with wonderful stories and great supporting illustrations. i'm happy to be published in two editions so far.


magic found...

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

in search of magic . 2022 – 2023 . jameel library, jameel arts centre, dubai. courtesy of art jameel

i'm so happy to be posting about my recent textile project which i'm immensely proud of. 'in search of magic' began in july 2022 (see announcement post here), and was completed in december 2023. 
'in search of magic' was created for the jameel library commission – an annual program where creative professionals are invited to use the library at the jameel arts centre as a resource and space for research to produce monthly writings that are published online. in addition to the writings, my commission also included working on a physical textile piece which evolved during the duration of the commission alongside the monthly writings.
my topic of research was (regional) magical and talismanic practises within the realm of textiles. there is a rich history of regional talismans and magical thinking – from beliefs derived from ancient civilisations and medieval islam, as well as contemporary practices found today. the project expanded my knowledge on magic, looking beyond standard definitions and questioning magic's existence in the contemporary where it feels like there is no place for it.
i would like to keep this post short, and urge everyone to head to the project website and take the time to read all ten chapters (i promise they're short!), and view the process visuals which include selected pages from my sketchbook and the development of the textile piece in relation to each chapter. the website also includes a bibliography at the end of each chapter for anyone interested in the books referenced for this commission.

without further ado, please head to insearchofmagic.jameelartscentre.org

a few thank you's are in order – first off, a huge thank you to the jameel arts centre for the invitation to participate in the second edition of the jameel library commission. antonia, uns, azim, abhirami, nabla – thank you for giving me the space, opportunity, trust and support to work on a self driven project that i'm super proud of. thank you to the tech team who helped with the website updates, the marketing team who'd post monthly announcements online for each chapter, the install team who'd assist in hanging the textile each month at the library – your help didn't go unnoticed.
a big thank you goes to the wonderful artisans and embroiderers at 'khalil tailoring & embroidery', who assisted with all the beautiful embroidery and appliqué work on the textile. they are very much a part of this project and i can't thank them enough for all their work and care.
thank you ismail noor for the professional photographs you see above. and lastly, thank you to the friends and loved ones who were supportive during the project. from feedback on the progress of the textile, to proof reading each chapter, and keeping me company on the multiple visits to the embroiderers – thank you and i love you very much (y'all know who you are).

i end this post with one last announcement – the textile piece has recently been acquired by the jameel arts centre!!! i'm so honoured to have my work included in their permanent collection. in addition to the team members listed above, i also thank dawn and rhoda from the collections team for making this happen. thank you thank you...