farewell 2018

buraq . 2018

my 18th and final blog post for 2018! what a year it has been. it mostly feels like a blur at this point, but with all it's ups and many downs, 2018 was definitely a year of growth and change for me. i'm truly blessed for everything that's happened this year – graduating from risd with an mfa in textiles, moving back home and being busy with some great projects that have come my way, being able to travel around the world for personal and professional reasons, sharing my work with a new audience both at home and internationally – i'm so humbled with all the opportunities that have come my way.
i hope to continue riding this wave into the new year, and achieve success with becoming a full-time artist and designer. stay tuned for what's to come in 2019 – i will keep updating my blog as always.
i share with you all in this final post of the year an illustration i worked on, initially as a t-shirt design, which unfortunately got rejected. i have a fascination with the islamic mythical creature, the buraq, and feel like it symbolises a lot of my experiences this year – soaring to new heights and experiences and growth. these last couple of years have been a journey, and i feel like i'm sharing all i've learnt with everyone back home, hence illustrating the buraq with an arabic coffee pot and date palm branch as symbols of sharing. stay tuned – she might appear on a tee some time next year!
to a good time, lots of smiles, dancing, and creativity! a happy new year to all the krossbreed lovers. may 2019 be good to us all...

mirzam for jameel arts centre

jameel arts centre – garden . 2018

jameel arts centre – terrace . 2018

jameel arts centre – amphitheatre . 2018

mirzam x jameel arts centre final chocolate bars . 2018

mirzam x jameel arts centre final chocolate bars . 2018

an amazing new art space has recently opened in dubai and i had the honour of working with them. the jameel arts centre, which opened its doors last month, is an independent art institution dedicated to showcasing contemporary art focusing on the region and beyond. with programming ranging from art exhibitions to community outreach, the jameel arts centre is a great addition to the city's art community .
i had the opportunity to work with the centre on illustrations for chocolate bars sold at their gift shop. working with local chocolate makers mirzam, the art jameel shop is selling three unique flavours, exclusively made and sold for the store. the illustrations i worked on are in appreciation of the architecture of the centre, with a little bit of magic! the three illustrations focus on the exterior spaces around the centre, including the gardens, the terraces that overlook the dubai creek, and the amphitheatre located in the sculpture park. i had so much fun drawing these, and i loved seeing how the illustrations were matched with the chocolate flavours.
make sure to check out the jameel arts centre – trust me, you won't be disappointed. and do make sure to stop by the art jameel shop to buy some cool stuff, including the chocolate bars (they make excellent gifts!). plus, a selection of my zines and publications are on sale in the shop too, until stocks last. 
a huge thanks goes to the jameel arts centre team. thank you for the opportunity, and i look forward to working together again in the near future.