gamboo3a . 2011

quick sketch of the week - i had a great conversation/dialogue with a friend on culture and was asked to create a visual based on our discussion. here's what i came up with; making a relationship with the modern high-rise buildings of dubai, and the funny, tower-like hairdos alot of emirati girls have. i guess what i tried to express in this illustration was how a change in the city's visual landscape can impact the people in a community in the strangest ways. you can make visual relationships between a city & its people, even if its as random as saying people have towers growing on the top of their heads!


london baby!

english currency . 2008

big ben . 2007

lovebox people . 2008

piccadilly circus . 2007

i just came back from a short but sweet trip to my favorite city in the world, london. if there was anywhere in the world i can live in other then dubai, it would probably be london. regardless of the weather, i find london fun, inspiring and alive. i try to go there as much as i can, and whenever i do, i am never disappointed. 
over the years i have sketched moments of my travels around the world, never wanting to forget the cherished memories i have at these special places. here are some sketches i have drawn over the years during my trips to london town! doing a quick and spontaneous sketch is a process i thoroughly enjoy...