a krossbreed fantasy

a krossbreed fantasy 1 . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy 2 . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy at capsule arts print collection launch . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy at capsule arts print collection launch . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy at capsule arts print collection launch . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy 1 collage sketch . 2014

a krossbreed fantasy 2 collage sketch . 2014

as mentioned in my previous post, this is my second year working with capsule arts on a new series of prints to be sold on their website. for these prints, i decided to do something completely fresh & add a touch of color!
my new illustrations, titled 'a krossbreed fantasy', play with the notion of defining what the term 'krossbreed' means. starting with collaged sketches of strange, hybrid creatures made from parts of animals/humans/plants, to later adding bold patterns & color, the final illustrations you see above are an exploration of defining the meaning of being a product of local and outside influences & inspirations - kind of like me!
these illustrations are only beginnings of a project i'd like to further develop, hopefully creating new visuals and graphics for t-shirts & apparel, to be launched in 2015. so definitely stay tuned...
if you'd like to purchase any of these prints, or prints from my previous collection with capsule arts, make sure to head to my page on their site. also, make sure to browse the other artists featured. there is a lot of great stuff!
to compliment my post, i leave you with a little feature about me on capsule arts' blog where is my shark?

lastly, i would also like to point out that these illustrations are titled after a side project i try to keep up; a tumblr page where i share my favorite moments in music. here's akrossbreedfantasy.tumblr.com enjoy!


krossbreed for capsule arts 2.0

'a krossbreed fantasy' teaser . 2014

capsule arts print collection exhibition invite . 2014

it's been a year since i worked with capsule arts on creating limited edition prints of my illustrations (to see previous collections check out here & here). for 2014, our relationship continues with a new series of prints, titled 'a krossbreed fantasy'.
next week is the exhibition launch of this year's print collection & i am happy to be one of the featured artists.
above is the invitation for the exhibition, happening on 11 september, from 7-10 pm. i very much look forward to seeing you all there. for more information on the launch, make sure to check out the event page on facebook.
i leave this post as a teaser for whats to come. stay tuned next week for a full post on my new illustrations...


never forget at creekside

'never forget' launch+talk invite . 2014

september is here which means summer is officially over, making way for new exciting projects and announcements. 
first up is a talk i will be doing on last year's illustrated activity book i made for tashkeel on forgotten areas in dubai titled 'never forget: an illustrated guide to dubai's best kept secrets'. i'll be talking about the book, why i did it, the inspiration, process and the areas featured in the publication. the book will also be on sale for a humble 30 dhs so make sure to come by to get your very own copy.
the 'never forget' launch+talk will happen on 9 september 2014 at 7pm, at creekside.
looking forward to seeing you all.