illustrations for abdul latif jameel community initiatives annual review

abdul latif jameel community initiatives 2012 annual review cover . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review pgs 25-26 small business programme . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review pgs 41-42 brj turkey . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review pgs 111-112 jeddah flag . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review page spreads . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review page spreads . 2013

aljci 2012 annual review page spreads . 2013




original illustrations for aljci 2012 annual review cover . 2013

original illustrations for aljci 2012 annual review inside spreads . 2013

earlier this year, i was approached by the brand union to provide illustrations for their client abdul latif jameel community initiatives' annual review. the illustrations were to be mainly used on the cover of the publication, as well as in certain spreads on the inside. it was a great opportunity to work on such a project, & collaborate with an agency on these illustrations, which is something i've never done before.
after creating a range of illustrations based on the projects & initiatives aljci support, & the theme of the review (which is unsung heroes), the final illustrations were selected, based on what worked best & were most appropriate for the publication.
it's great to see the final result. i'm extremely proud of seeing my illustrations printed on the cover of the publication (i think this might be my first cover yay!!!). the collaged illustrations work really well together, & the individual illustrations on the inside spreads made me smile!
i hope everyone who is a part of this project are happy with the end result as i am. thank you simon & the brand union team for scouting for me & asking for my illustrations for the review. i am truly honored. & thank you abdul latif jameel community initiatives for having my work printed for your annual review, something that will stand the test of time.
make sure to check out abdul latif jameel community initiatives website to learn more about what they do & the awesome projects they support.


krossbreed for capsule arts - five times a day series

five times a day 1 . 2012

five times a day 2 . 2013

five times a day 3 . 2013

as mentioned in my previous blog post, i am one of eighteen participating artists contributing to capsule arts' limited edition art prints launch.
the second series of illustrations i have contributed for the print launch is the five times a day series. the series started off with the first drawing above. it was created as a contribution for last year's art dubai posting ramadan blog (see previous post here). as it was well received, i thought it would be a good idea to explore this illustration further & create a series of artworks of different, ornamental prayer carpets.
the third illustration is my favourite as it's an illustration of my father's prayer carpet, which has been with the family for as long as i remember.
prints from the five times a day series will be available to purchase at capsulearts.com
to stay updated on capsule arts & the launch of the prints, make sure to check out their website for updates & also on their blog whereismyshark.com.
also, check out their artist feature blog post on me here.


krossbreed for capsule arts - neighbourhood series

deira . 2013

karama . 2011

satwa . 2013

i am delighted to announce that i am one of eighteen artists contributing to capsule arts' launch of limited edition prints by various artists based in the uae. capsule arts is a platform that has recently been set up to sell art though a limited edition print collection & artist commissions. access to these prints can be through their online store, & at pop up exhibitions across the UAE. also, capsule arts offers bespoke services for art/design related events & projects.
i am really glad to be part of an initiative which creates a platform that enables artists to sustain a professional career in the creative industries by focusing on affordable art for the public to access & be able to purchase.
i have contributed 2 series' of illustrations for the print launch. the first series is the neighbourhood series, which started as a simple illustration of karama a couple of years ago (see previous post here). it's great to see the illustration as part of a series which will be on sale very soon.
prints from the neighbourhood series (which includes deira, karama & satwa) will be available to purchase at capsulearts.com
to stay updated on capsule arts & the launch of the prints, make sure to check out their website for updates & also on their blog whereismyshark.com.
also, check out their artist feature blog post on me here.
stay tuned for information on the second series of illustrations...


pin-up de l'orient

pin-up de l'orient . 2013

a little cheeky krossbreed illustration/print i worked on during my spare time. an ode to the vintage pin-up world i love.
the illustration started off as a birthday present for a dear friend whose love for women is infinite! because i loved the end result, i thought it would be good idea to release it as krossbreed limited edition print.
'pin-up de l'orient' is a 30 x 20 cm original print, edition of 25, signed by me (edition 1/25 goes to the birthday boy!).
if you'd like to get your hands on one, get in touch & send me an email.


never forget: an illustrated guide to dubai's best kept secrets

never forget cover . 2013

never forget satwa . 2013

never forget karama . 2013

never forget karama . 2013

never forget hindu temple . 2013

never forget textile souq . 2013

never forget cafeteria . 2013

never forget front cover . 2013

never forget opening spread . 2013 

never forget hindu temple spread . 2013

never forget graffiti wall spread . 2013

never forget satwa spread . 2013

never forget loading men spread . 2013

never forget back cover . 2013

as many of you already know, i have the wonderful privilege of having a full time job in dubai's artist studio-space/gallery tashkeel. & with working in such a creative space, comes the opportunity of working on some amazing creative projects.
one of these projects was definitely the 'never forget' activity book i conceived as an original tashkeel product to be sold at this year's dxb store at art dubai.
never forget: an illustrated guide to dubai's best kept secrets, is an activity book for the young & young at heart, featuring the under appreciated areas of the city. the book features 4 main areas, including satwa, karama, bur dubai & deira. it pays homage to some of the city's best kept secrets, which are slowly forgotten for dubai's more new, modern areas.
the book is filled with simple line drawings of iconic architecture that make up the featured areas, & is also filled with games for individuals to play & fill in their own copies, making it more personalized.
i think this is probably one of the projects i am very proud to have worked on. i hope whoever's purchased their very own copy of never forget enjoys it just as much as i did making it.
this book is dedicated to my home city dubai; may you continue to grow, & never forget...

if you want to purchase a copy of never forget, make sure to pop by tashkeel where it is currently being sold at an amazing price of aed 30. also, feel free to contact me & let me know if you want a copy & all will be arranged.


rivers of the world 2.0

river city . 2013

river culture . 2013

river of life . 2013

polluted river . 2013

resourceful river . 2013

working river . 2013

once again, i worked on the this year's edition of rivers of the world, this time focusing on the river thames. like last year, i worked alongside a talented designer/artist, who is also my dear friend, layan attari. together we offered 6 art workshops at 6 different schools based in dubai, introducing the children to art techniques & creating artworks based on assigned themes about the river thames.
the final 6 artworks are presented above. here are brief descriptions about each of the final artworks:
river city: students were asked to illustrate iconic imagery associated with london onto different city maps. these icons collectively make up the city of london & it’s expansion throughout the years from the river thames & beyond.
river culture: using the victorian era as inspiration, students were asked to create a series of collaged skirts made out of images of various sailboats, representing the fashionable women who'd attend nautical activities at the thames as a common past time. 
river of life: students drew & assembled unique creatures based on existing marine-life found in & around the thames, comprehending the endless possibilities of life that exist because of the river.
polluted river: a positive outlook about the prevention of pollution through recycling. students illustrated plants on everyday discarded materials, symbolizing the positive effects of recycling on the environment. 
resourceful river: for many civilizations that settled along the thames, the river provided resources used for the progression of communities. using watercolours, students painted farm-related visuals, contributing to the growth of modern day london.
working river: students focused on the stories of sailors & the adventurous lives they lead. loosely based on the aesthetics of sailor tattoos, students illustrated nautical imagery, communicating themes of a sailor's life.
it was great to be a part of the project for a second time. thank you british council for inviting me to be a part of rivers of the world from the beginning. it was a great experience working with children from the community & seeing them unleash their creativity. this is definitely an experience i will never forget...


ramadan kareem 2013

ramadan kareem . 2013

wishing all my krossbreed followers a blessed month & may all your prayers be answered.
it's been quite awhile since my last blog post. alot has been happening since then. will definitely start posting about it all very soon...