off to risd...

risd . 2016

i'm going to grad school y'all! after 10 years, i've finally taken the brave step of going back to school to pursue a masters degree. i'm happy to announce that i will be heading to the rhode island school of design this september, to begin an mfa in textiles. 
i'm super excited as well as extremely nervous of what's to come. this is definitely outside my comfort zone; living abroad and becoming a full-time student once again. but it feels like the right time to get back to education and learn new skills to develop and grow as an artist and designer.  
even though i'll be based in rhode island for the next couple of years, i'll frequently be back in dubai during the long breaks to catch up with family and loved ones. also, i'll still be updating my blog as much as possible, with posts focusing on projects and explorations in school.
i hope you'll continue this journey with me and i look forward to sharing with you the next chapter of my krossbreed life! stay tuned folks...


happy anniversary to the derderians

beth+rob . 2016

here's a short post about a recent commission for my friends rob & beth derderian. i was asked by rob to create an illustration for his wife beth for their second anniversary. the illustration highlights their last year or so traveling the world and living in dubai. i hope beth+rob enjoy this personal illustration as much as i did making it.
i wish the derderians many amazing anniversaries together and hope they find new places around the world to explore and create memories.