ramadan 2021

ramadan e-card . 2021 (by azim al ghussein + khalid mezaina)

it's that time of year again – ramadan greetings to all those observing. may this month be filled with blessings and answered prayers...
i was invited by the shaikha salama bint hamdan al nahyan foundation (shf) to work on their ramadan e-greeting card which would be shared through their social media accounts and newsletter. i had the honour to work with my > + ∞ (great + everlasting) collaborator, azim al ghussein on an artwork we're both very proud of.
we were inspired by the devotional act of 'tasbih' – uttering the various names of god using prayer beads or one's fingers, and the cycle of the moon. i think we were successful in creating something quite magical and beautiful. we're both very happy with the version you see above, but the foundation moved forward with a simpler version as their final e-card to share on their channels (see artwork below). 
we're happy with both e-cards, and hope you enjoy them too (wherever you come across these). thank you to team shf for the opportunity to create and share our work. head to their instagram page and share the love! and thank you azim for working together on this. to future collaborations inshallah...

shf ramadan e-card . 2021 (by azim al ghussein + khalid mezaina)