krossbreed at abu dhabi art

burqaa (for abu dhabi art) . 2010

krossbreed is officially launching at this year's abu dhabi art fair. i am one of this year's participants at the design studio programme. krossbreed will be launching its first line of products, including t-shirts, tote bags , notebooks & more. be sure to drop by my stand at the design studio, to learn more about krossbreed, visit the pop-up studio/store, & also get a chance to pick up limited edition prints and badges. to learn more about abu dhabi art, check out www.abudhabiartfair.ae see you in the capital everyone...!

happy halloween

untitled . 2007

untitled 2 . 2007

my favourite thing to celebrate; happy halloween everyone.


box wall installation

shawty whatcha name is...?! . 2010

shawty whatcha name is...?! . 2010


i participated in a semi-permanent urban art pop-up installation, curated by simon hunt. six dubai-based artists constructed a wall of cardboard boxes, then painted it in their own unique style. here's my participation, & a short time lapsed video i stumbled upon on youtube.


queen of...?

queen . 2010

i always wanted to create an illustraton inspired by awesome graphics found in playing cards, adding an emirati flare to it! this could be the start of a bigger project! the illustration above will soon be used as covers for limited edition notebooks, part of krossbreed's product/stationary line.

its all about the ladies...!

diva . 2010

from mezaina-rooney series . 2009

one of my favorite subjects to draw is the female figure (not in a perverted sense!). i always was fascinated with the female form and strong women in popular culture. i think its probably because of growing up in a female dominated household...



bastakiya sketch . 2010

bastakiya final . 2010

illustration created for tashkeel's (www.tashkeel.org) soon to be opened studio space in bastakiya. its my first time creating a photo/illustration. i think i did good as a first attempt!


more wallpaper...

camel flower . 2010

wallpaper i created using one element - a camel. inspired by intricate islamic patterns...


better city, better life: the power of dreams...

vibrant future . 2010

with the evolution of both the city's landscape and its society, we have come to adapt to living in a space that is vibrant and unique. i truly believe that with the merging of various cultures, traditions and modernity, we can create a city and community that is tolerant, vibrant, and lastly, better...

vampires were cool before twilight...

victor . 2010
victor 2 . 2010

portrait of a man that changed my life. everyone, meet victor. i always try to incorporate his interest in vampires when drawing him. looks very much like one in real life...!

bring back the windtowers...!

windtowers . 2010

one of my favorite illustrations. in process of making it into a tshirt...

fashion illustration...emirati style!

kashkha . 2010

one of my favorite kinds of illustration has got to be fashion illustration. i have to thank one of my favorite professors in university for showing me the appreciation of fashion illustration. as he always used to say, fashion illustration is all about 'gestural' lines...

my wallpaper fetish!

camels and birds . 2010
currently working on a series of wallpaper/pattern designs, based on simple elements that relate to culture. would make cool decor at home, or even tshirts...

to all the people that built our city...

from mezaina-rooney series . 2009

a homage to construction workers. thank you for building our city and making it all that it is today...

woman on top

burj khalifa project artwork . 2009

burj khalifa project sketch . 2009

commissioned artwork for the burj khalifa. artwork on display on the 106th floor.


trance for life

trance for life . 2007

trance music is an escape. to leave daily routines behind & become entranced with the loud dance beats is a satisfaction for many. 'tance for life' represents the tiny world created to dance into to escape the real world. to be in a world of trance; an atmosphere where the music takes control, lights make you shine, & everyone lives a life of trance, even if its for a short while...

khalid says relax

khalid says relax . 2008

'khalid says relax' is the product of eastern traditions & western influences, & the outcome of living in an ever-evolving metropolis. cultures merge, past trends are revived, neon lights illuminate our world & traditions inspire our lives. 'arab-electro' is phrase coined, which is defined as believing in accepting the differences around us, to enjoy the music that communicates, embrace the combination of heritage with 'techno-colour', & to be true to who you are. & lastly, to just relax...

culture shock

culture shock . 2008

representing Emirati culture in a cool, 'pop' & unconventional manner, allows the viewer to embrace the beauty of arabic traditions, while living in a vibrant, modern metropolis. its representation is formed due to the fast, bright world we all share, bringing in influences from everyday life; colour, iconography & other interactions we encounter.

4 women...

4 women . 2008

meet my four emirati women, inspired from an old photograph i saw during my days working in sharjah. Hope to make a t-shirt with them on it...


a krossbreed world we live in!

if this wall could walk . 2008

untitled . 2009

we live in a 'hybrid' society, which constantly morphs and evolves. cultures merge, trends interfere, and people evolve or adapt to exist in this vibrant space. there is no separation between history and modernity, eastern traditions and western influences. all is intertwined to create a new breed of people.

who is tarboush boy?

tarboush boy . circa 2006

tarboush boy . circa 2009
tarboush boy was an identifiable character i created as a student - a boy who feels out of place in an arab world. But once he puts on his lucky fez (tarboush in arabic), a surge of confidence builds up inside him, & he appears as 'tarboush boy', the boy who blends in...!


krossbreed's finally here!

khalid says relax . 2009

welcome to a world of krossbreed! should be a fun ride...