a scribe for a stamp unused

'ancient egyptian scribe' . 2021

'ancient egyptian scribe' stamp application . 2021

keeping this post short and sweet – i recently worked on a couple of illustrations for application on a postage stamp, for a client's upcoming project. i can't share the final selected illustration just yet, but i was really happy with how this illustration turned out, and felt it was worth sharing even though it won't be used.
i immediately thought of the origins of the first writing tools created. i came across the scribes of ancient egypt and was inspired by the beautiful hieroglyphs showing these honourable men and/or women who were trained to read and write, and document what is now their ancient histories. 
i feel this particular illustration is a slightly new direction to my current style, but still very much me. i was curious to see how the illustration would look like as a stamp, so i dropped it into a postage stamp template (as shown above). i hope whoever sees this likes it as much as i do, and it reminds them of the beautiful stamp designs that were created in the arab world of yesteryear...