what hurts the most

what hurts the most sketch . 2011

what hurts the most b/w . 2011

what hurts the most . 2011

what hurts the most was created for an upcoming show (fingers crossed for getting selected!). the artwork is inspired by a traditional arabic proverb which translates to 'you won’t know my true value until you try someone else'.
the proverb spoke to me, as it reminded me of personal experiences i've been through. over the years, lasting relationships with friends & loved ones have been challenging to keep. i’ve been replaced for individuals that were considered better companions then me, never understanding why, & always, never took it well. the only thing i ever did in these situations was tell myself people realize their mistakes in the long run, & karma will always prevail
my artwork reflects my personal response, in relation to the proverb, with an illustration that highly references Arabian wildlife in a fantasy/mythical context. i was heavily inspired by comic book artists like moebius & mike mignola. it illustrates how ‘relationships gone wrong’ can be savage, reminding oneself to always watch their back before you get hurt by the people closest to you.