for the love of lyla...

lyla sketch . 2011

lyla banner . 2011

lyla banner final . 2011

birthday's are always a special moment in a person's life. they bring happiness, lots of presents, & for some, a sense of acheivement. this can be said about my friend zahra 'lyla' pedram, who is celebrating her one year anniversary of her amazing fashion blog 'lyla loves fashion' (www.lylalovesfashion.com). in honor of 'lyla loves fashion' turning one, i was asked to create a revampped banner for her website. it was a very stressful process, making sure the final artwork suits the feel & vision of the site. but in the end, we put both our heads together, & came up with what i think is a successful, elegant solution. i hope i made lyla proud...


a successful alumni

i was approached by a student from the american university of sharjah (who also happens to be a dear friend) to be the subject in one of her projects. the idea behind the project was to create a short video about a 'successful alumni/graduate' from the american university of sharjah. to be considered a success story is really flattering, & i am really happy with the outcome. i think she did a great job with the video, & it was a really fun experience working on it. i usually cringe when watching myself on video, but this time i surprisingly didn't! so here it is. enjoy...


cafe sketches...

untitled . 2011

i met a friend yesterday for coffee to catch up, & we decided to bring our sketch books with us to motivate ourselves to get back to the routine of sketching, to help enhance our skills. after a few laughs, inspirations, cupcakes & a warm chai latte, this is what i came up with! a fine sultry female figure! enjoy...


back to sketching...

untitled sketch . 2011

untitled sketch 2 . 2011

i've been trying to get back to sketching on an active basis, to develop ideas & hopefully, start working on a new project. i've been researching alot about arabian wildlife & the different types of creatures found in the region. it's a great reference for illustrating mythical style creatures that can relate to the region. the sketches above are only beginnings (they refer to leopards/wolves) which hopefully lead to a substantial piece of work(s)...


vintage krossbreed

myself . 1992

my best friend . 1991

captain america . 1992

the cow . 1992

the policeman . 1992

pirate flag . 1992

the camel . 1992

puking rainbow . 1993

time to get into the krosbreed vaults! a friend of mine is working on a project, researching my career so far! so we thought it would be a fun idea to incorporate some realllly old school (literally)! drawings i made when i was between the ages of 6-8. its apparent i always loved drawing...
looking at these drawings now really do make me laugh. i really enjoy the humor, proportions, & the innocence...


for the love of fashion

the fashion network illustration . 2011

the fashion network final illustration . 2011

as many of you know by now, i am a huge fan of fashion illustraton. & if there's any opportunity to create illustrations for the fashion world, i grasp it. here's an illustration i created for my fashion-loving friend, zahra lyla pedram, for a fashion event she has organized. i really like how the final illustration turned out...
if you're a fashion addict yourself, check out zahra's amazing blog www.lylalovesfashion.com for all things stylish, trendy & fashionable. you won't be disappointed. i myself, am a huge fan...


krossbreed photography

kitsch luggage . 2011

ronaldo's actually from the emirates . 2011

floppy wig 1 . 2011

floppy wig 2 . 2011

mr. & mrs. jnin . 2011

ad like zine . 2011

starry night . 2011

streets of suburbia . 2011

first off, i'd like to wish everyone a happy new year. may 2011 be good to us all, and all our dreams come true. having said that, i've decided 2011 is going to be a year of new directions for me. in order to enhance my skills as an artist/illustrator, its time to experiment with new mediums and branch out on new projects. i've always been a huge fan of photography, so my first experiment in the start of the new year is to get back into it, and take photos of anything that catches my eye on the streets of my city (and/or any city). these photos were taken one evening roaming the streets of karama. hopefully this experience will help bear fruit and influence upcoming potential projects...