zeinab . 2013

zeinab stamp + print . 2013

over the weekend, capsule arts set up a pop up shop inviting seven of their featured artists to work live in their space, interact with visitors & sell a limited selection of art & design objects. the pop up shop was to coincide with quoz happens, a one day art festival in dubai's industrial area which is home to the city's largest selection of art galleries & institutions.
i was one of the participants at the capsule arts pop up shop, showcasing my prints (which are available for sale here), along with a selection of krossbreed tees, notebooks, & a live stamp print station of a new illustration created just for the event.
i created an illustration inspired by one of my favorite illustrators, patrick nagel. i then created a stamp out of the illustration, which i used to make live prints for visitors interested in having one. i personally loved the print quality, giving a unique finish to each.
i titled the piece 'zienab' as a dedication to my close friend zeinab, who i think shares a resemblance to the girl in the drawing!


edison marries nefertiti

edison marries nefertiti logo gif . 2013

edison marries nefertiti gif . 2013

edison marries nefertiti screen printing process . 2013

edison marries nefertiti . 2013

edison marries nefertiti pack . 2013

november is here which means uae's art season has started. and first in line is the capital's abu dhabi art fair.
once again, fate has led me to this year's edition & i am contributing to the fair in a small but impactful way (i hope!).
this year's fair programming includes a section called the design souq, focusing on local designers, artisans & crafts.
one of the many participants in the design souq is one of uae's imaginative & friendliest creatives in town, nasir nasrallah. his lighthearted, brilliant project, the story machine, is back (previously showcased at this year's art dubai), showcasing limited edition 15 x 15 cm prints from seven uae based graphic designers. 
i am fortunate to be one of the seven designers participating in this project. nasir created & provided a list of arabic stories to choose from. i chose the simple story 'edison marries nefertiti'! the technique used to create my run of thirty limited edition prints was screen printing. i created a simple illustration of both thomas edison & queen nefertiti, & also created an iconic graphic to represent this 'marriage' (a light bulb, representing edison, & the sun god aten, representing nefertiti)! the portrait illustrations were screen printed first, then the logo & arabic typography were screen printed over. i also decided to include the logo on the outside of the envelope, to create a visual teaser of what's inside the envelope. also included in the pack are badges, which have the logomark.
if you want to get a hold of your very own pack, make sure to head to abu dhabi art, and look for nasir nasrallah's story machine located in the design souq. each print is on sale for a reasonable aed 200, hand signed & numbered. the fair runs until 23 november.