systems for a score

systems for a score vinyl graphic . 2015

systems for a score outer sleeve (front) . 2015
systems for a score outer sleeve (back) . 2015

systems for a score inner sleeve (front) . 2015

systems for a score inner sleeve (back) . 2015

systems for a score inner sleeve + vinyl (front) . 2015

systems for a score inner sleeve + vinyl (back) . 2015

people who know me know that one of my aspirations is to create album artwork for music records. well, that dream finally came true.
sound artists fari bradley and chris weaver were artists in residence this last year, as part of tashkeel's guest artist programme. i met fari around four years ago during my residency in london, and it was mere coincidence we would meet again at tashkeel years later. during their residency, fari and chris worked on sound projects, participated in talks, programmes and workshops around sound art, and introduced sound art to dubai's art scene.
at the end of their residency, fari and chris had an exhibition of works conceived during their time here. one of their projects included a pop up studio where participants were invited to record music and scores, which were interpretations of the traditional emirati weaving method called 'sadu'. these musical scores were compiled into their first recorded lp titled 'systems for a score'.
for the lp, i was asked to create the album artwork that would go on the cover, inner sleeve and the labels on the vinyl. the final graphic you see above is a distorted graphic of a pattern based on a 'sadu' weave i digitally illustrated. the graphic landed on the back outer cover. the front cover is special because each lp has a variant hand stitched weave stuck on the front, making each lp unique. details of the graphic were also used on the inner sleeve and labels on the vinyl.
it was a great opportunity working on the graphics for 'systems for a score'. thank you fari and chris for having an appreciation for the work i do and giving me the chance to work on the album artwork. it was loads of fun.
if you want to hear some of the amazing results from 'systems for a score' here's an album sampler which gives a teaser of all the tracks. if anyone's interested in purchasing 'systems for a score', head to the vinyl factory to grab your copy of this limited edition lp.
looking forward to working on more album artworks in the near future...