5 times a day for art4sight

5 times a day for art4sight . 2014

art4sight invite . 2014

5 times a day prints at art4sight exhibition . 2014

for 4 consecutive years, i've been honored to be a part of noor dubai's 'art4sight'; an annual art exhibition and auction for raising funds to help cure preventative blindness around the world.
for this year's edition i donated 2 prints from my '5 times a day' series which were successfully sold. thank you to the buyer who purchased my prints. i hope the work has found a wonderful home and may your contribution help restore the sight of a substantial amount of people. i'm glad to contribute to such a cause that helps make a difference in our world.

at the end of the auction, everyone was invited to watch a special sound and light show, projected onto the exteriors of the hall where the exhibition/auction took place. the projections were a combination of selected artworks that were in the show, and i was ecstatic to have been one of the included artists. the image below shows you what i quickly captured of my artwork in the form of a projection. it definitely was the highlight of my evening, and also a huge inspiration of how far i could take my work. will definitely look into the medium and maybe the near future holds opportunities to work with projections. stay tuned...

5 times a day as projection . 2014



leylam . 2014
it's all square exhibition invite . 2014
leylam . 2014
leylam at it's all square exhibition . 2014

i'm participating in the latest annual illustration exhibition organized by the domino titled 'it's all square'. all exhibited pieces had to fit the theme of presenting works in a square format. the piece i am showing is titled 'leylam'; an illustration i created last year as part of my 'city portraits' series, which i applied onto limited edition notebooks (see post here). 
if anyone is wondering what leylam means – leylam refers to an individual who walks around neighborhoods selling random items to the community. leylam is basically a walking shop, carrying items to sell in large sheets of fabric, screaming 'leylam leylam leylam' to let the community know he has arrived. someone who has lived in the uae for awhile would recognize this mysterious and efficient individual. unfortunately, the leylam is slowly disappearing and is becoming a figure of the past. my illustration pays tribute to the leylam and reminds people of this ephemeral individual.
please make sure to stop by the jam jar to check out the exhibition which runs until 12 may 2014. there are some great illustrations on show. also, i am selling a limited number of 'leylam' notebooks during the duration of the exhibition if you'd like to get your hands on one.


hear my voice – again

hear my voice illustrations . 2014

hear my voice posters . 2014 (courtesy of mobius design studio)

i was honored to contribute yet again to kalimati speech & communication center's second edition of 'hear my voice...' conference. just like last year, i was approached by mobius design studio to contribute illustrations for the conference's campaign they were designing.
this year's theme for the conference was 'empowering the deaf'. the required illustrations included various sign language gestures specifically created for the uae community; creating a vocabulary for the hearing impaired, empowering them to confidently communicate regardless of their condition.
i illustrated a total of ten signs. the above are a selection, along with some of the posters designed by mobius with the illustrations applied.
it's a great honor to contribute to such an important cause. i truly thank the kalimati team for making me be a part of their mission for a second year in a row. thank you mobius as well for the opportunity again.
a special thank you goes to noah for being my hand model! without his patience, i don't think i would've done a consistent job with getting these illustrations completed.