leylam . 2014
it's all square exhibition invite . 2014
leylam . 2014
leylam at it's all square exhibition . 2014

i'm participating in the latest annual illustration exhibition organized by the domino titled 'it's all square'. all exhibited pieces had to fit the theme of presenting works in a square format. the piece i am showing is titled 'leylam'; an illustration i created last year as part of my 'city portraits' series, which i applied onto limited edition notebooks (see post here). 
if anyone is wondering what leylam means – leylam refers to an individual who walks around neighborhoods selling random items to the community. leylam is basically a walking shop, carrying items to sell in large sheets of fabric, screaming 'leylam leylam leylam' to let the community know he has arrived. someone who has lived in the uae for awhile would recognize this mysterious and efficient individual. unfortunately, the leylam is slowly disappearing and is becoming a figure of the past. my illustration pays tribute to the leylam and reminds people of this ephemeral individual.
please make sure to stop by the jam jar to check out the exhibition which runs until 12 may 2014. there are some great illustrations on show. also, i am selling a limited number of 'leylam' notebooks during the duration of the exhibition if you'd like to get your hands on one.