one last zine workshop for 2014

diy zine workshop with khalid mezaina . 2014

just before the year ends, the magazine shop & i decided to offer one last diy zine workshop. the final workshop for 2014 will happen on wed 17 december 2014, from 6.30 - 8.30 pm, at a new space, the bookshop.
if you're interested in taking part, send me an email to register your spot. & make sure to bring aed 20 with you, a creative mind & be prepared to get messy making some fun zines.
looking forward to seeing you all on the 17th. for some inspiration, here are a couple of posts about previous zine workshops i hosted in the past here & here.


cover run

aspire magazine cover illustration . 2014

aspire magazine december 2014 wraparound cover . 2014 

just before december, i was approached by etihad airways to work on a commissioned illustration for their december issue of aspire magazine. the brief was to visually communicate the launch of the a380 in etihad's fleet, and to focus on abu dhabi as a modern city, with it's culture & heritage intact, using etihad's brand colors, with an occasional pop of color here & there!
with an extremely tight deadline to work with, i came up with the final illustration shown above, which was used as a wraparound on the version by reflecting a mirrored version of the illustration onto the arabic cover., which works quite well in my opinion.
i'm really happy to have had the opportunity to work with etihad airways on their first ever illustrated cover for aspire magazine. it's been awhile since i worked on commissioned, client based work & i hope to receive more opportunities like this in the future.
thank you etihad for the opportunity. also, thank you capsule arts for initiating the collaboration.
if you're traveling this month on etihad, make sure to pick up a copy. if not, here's an online version of their december issue.


i am your mother

i am your mother . 2014

with the release of the new star wars movie trailer, i thought this post would be most appropriate...
a couple of months ago, i was approached by brownbook & samsung middle east to try out the new samsung galaxy note 4 & create an artwork with it's features, including the phone's 's pen' & 's note', which act as a portable drawing tablet on the phone.
i decided to capture a humorous moment with the family by illustrating my mother's attempt to make my nephews laugh by donning their darth vader toy mask!
even though it was my first time using a samsung mobile device, it was extremely easy getting used to, & is definitely catered to the creative folk. i started the artwork by working on the flat, solid colors first, then added in details with lines & shading, which is the opposite of how i usually work when drawing manually.
for a first smartphone illustration attempt, i must say i was glad with the end result. & audience feedback during the note 4 launch was extremely positive.
if anyone is looking for a phone which you can get creative with, i would highly suggest buying the new samsung galaxy note 4. i will definitely be carrying mine around to do some quick sketches when a pen & paper aren't within grasp.