i am your mother

i am your mother . 2014

with the release of the new star wars movie trailer, i thought this post would be most appropriate...
a couple of months ago, i was approached by brownbook & samsung middle east to try out the new samsung galaxy note 4 & create an artwork with it's features, including the phone's 's pen' & 's note', which act as a portable drawing tablet on the phone.
i decided to capture a humorous moment with the family by illustrating my mother's attempt to make my nephews laugh by donning their darth vader toy mask!
even though it was my first time using a samsung mobile device, it was extremely easy getting used to, & is definitely catered to the creative folk. i started the artwork by working on the flat, solid colors first, then added in details with lines & shading, which is the opposite of how i usually work when drawing manually.
for a first smartphone illustration attempt, i must say i was glad with the end result. & audience feedback during the note 4 launch was extremely positive.
if anyone is looking for a phone which you can get creative with, i would highly suggest buying the new samsung galaxy note 4. i will definitely be carrying mine around to do some quick sketches when a pen & paper aren't within grasp.