my zines at diy cultures

zine fair, diy cultures e-flyer . 2017
zines, comics & alternatives at diy cultures . 2017 (photo courtesy of reconnecting arts)

it's been awhile since my last blog post. let's just say it's been a pretty intense semester! i do promise to update my blog once the semester is over. i have lots to share about a few recent projects and my explorations in grad school, so stay tuned.
for now, i wanted to share info on this really exciting zine fair i am happy to be a part of. i was invited to showcase my zines at this year's diy cultures zine fair in london. reconnecting arts, a platform supporting middle eastern creatives, will be participating at diy cultures, showcasing and selling zines, comics and other independent publications by various talented creatives.
if you're in london this month, make sure to head to diy cultures on sunday, 14th may from 12-7pm. for more information make sure to check out diy cultures' facebook event page, as well as reconnecting arts' event page.
thank you reconnecting arts for the opportunity to participate at diy cultures. also, a belated thank you for this awesome article featuring a selection of my zines on your website, written by the just as awesome jaffat el aqlam.  
i end this post with the fun diy cultures 2017 e-flyer below. everyone in london, if you're reading this, head down to diy cultures.

diy cultures 2017 e-flyer . 2017