artist residency in london

hands pattern . 2011

plate design template . 2011

final plate design . 2011

final plate design (detail) . 2011

from the 12th of june, i will be back in london for an exciting project i'm so happy to be a part of. during the next 6 weeks, i'll be working alongside emirati artist karima al shomely, and london-based collective public works on a project called shopopolis. shopopolis is a project organised by the delfina foundation as part of the shubbak festival, celebrating contemporary arab culture. the project involves working alongside the artists/designers mentioned above in creating products and site specific work based on the notion of shopping malls as public spaces. the project will be situated in westfield london, one of the biggest malls in europe. i've already had the opportunity of working with both karima and public works in the first phase of the project in dubai (gathering research and creating products like the one shown above), so i'm really excited to continue the project whilst in london.
people who know me or follow my blog have probably noticed my love for london. being able to work on this project is an absolute dream come true. i can't wait to see the results we come up with, and most importantly, i can't wait to be back in my favorite city in the world. a part of me is nervous about the whole experience, but i am definitely excited and looking forward to this once in a lifetime experience.
for more info on the shubbak festival and the shopoplis project, check out details here.