a weekend of musical inspirations

tape . 2013

vinyl . 2013

tape illustration on rbma bass camp tote bag . 2013

vinyl illustration on rbma bass camp tote bag . 2013

at the end of september i was stationed at tashkeel bastakiya for a long weekend of music. the red bull music academy bass camp hosted a 3 day private event including workshops, lectures, art shows, & live gigs for invited participating musicians from the region. as a music lover, it was great being surrounded by all these musicians & watching their creative process come to life in the form of music.
along with being a part of the organizational team for the event, i was also asked to provide illustrations for merchandise produced as gift items for guests & participants. the selected illustrations were of a cassette tape, which was printed onto t-shirts, & a vinyl player, which was printed onto tote bags. the images above showcase the original illustrations as well as the final printed material. i was pleased seeing my illustrations being worn or carried by all the guests/musicians at the event. a big thank you goes to the red bull team for this great opportunity.

before ending this post, i wanted to share with you the illustration below that didn't make it. it's a drawing of an old school stereo that i included along with the two above illustrations. unfortunately, it didn't get selected. but two out of three drawings isn't bad! maybe my stereo will find its way into future projects...

stereo . 2013