hear my voice

love . 2013

untitled . 2013

hear my voice booklet covers . 2013

hear my voice booklets . 2013

i was approached by the awesome design studio mobius to provide them with illustrations for a publication they worked on for kalimati speech & communication center, an amazing organization providing quality speech therapy services for children.
kalimati hosted a conference titled 'hear my voice: understanding hearing loss', which the mobius design team designed the logo & its publication. i was honored to have my final illustrations on the covers of the booklet. it was rewarding seeing the simple line drawings printed on the covers of the conference booklets. what is also great is being able to contribute to an organization that is making a difference in dubai's community.
thank you mobius & kalimati for the opportunity. i hope we can work together again in the near future...


my time at boisbuchet

domaine de boisbuchet . 2013

welcome to boisbuchet . 2013

lemonade kart in process . 2013

making lemonade with the team . 2013

jorge + ruben flyers . 2013

jorge + ruben t-shirts . 2013
(image courtesy of lydia cortberg)

privacy in the woods guide map . 2013
(image courtesy of jasper heiligtag)

bar table in process . 2013

me at boisbuchet . 2013
(image courtesy of zeinab al hashemi)

this summer, i was fortunate enough to have traveled to france for an experience i will never forget. i don't usually do blog posts that don't present a final tangible project. but i felt the need to share this experience because my trip to france will definitely feed into my future projects.
i was invited by tashkeel to attend a workshop of choice at a magical art retreat called boisbuchetlocated in the southwest region of france, domaine de boisbuchet is a 15th century estate in the rustic countryside, which has been turned into a creative and experimental retreat for art and design. every summer, boisbuchet offers a series of workshops led by leading artists, designers and architects. creatives from around the world gather to participate in these popular workshops. not only does one gain a certain amount of knowledge from these 7-10 day workshops, but also an experience they'd never forget.
i signed up for the workshop titled 'pushing the experience of online/small production', led by the team behind designmarketo. it was about thinking of creative strategies, using the limitations and surroundings around us, to promote projects. in context to boisbuchet, some assignments were quite challenging to promote, but also very fun. the 3 assigned topics/exercises through the course of the workshop were creatively promoting lemonade, promoting designers participating in the other workshops running in parallel to ours, and creating interventions between presented projects of other workshops during final presentations on the last day.
what was great about our exercises was thinking of creative ways to implement our ideas with the limitations we had. i was reminded how it was to think outside the box when working on a project and creating fun solutions to problem solving. i also enjoyed how i managed to implement my current practices and interests in the exercises (managed to create illustration & t-shirt related projects).it was also great working with a team of creatives from all around the world.
another great thing about boisbuchet is the people you are introduced to and the friendships you make. even though i was at boisbuchet for a short 7 days, i managed to meet a group of people that i can now call friends, and hope to meet again in the near future, or better, collaborate on projects in the near future.
this post is dedicated to everyone i experienced boisbuchet with. thank you for making it a memory i will never forget. love you all. and i would highly recommend boisbuchet to anyone interested in experiencing a creative freedom unlike any other. i would definitely do it again in a heartbeat...