hounds & robyns

'hounds of love' poster . 2016 
'robyn' lp album artwork (front) . 2016

a final post about projects from my 'picturing sound' class – here are the first and final assignments i worked on during the course. the first illustration is a visual interpretation of kate bush's song (my favourite) '
hounds of love'. instead of a literal representation of the lyrics, i decided to create an illustration of a rock band called the hounds of love! 
the second illustration was for my final assignment where i decided to create an lp album cover. i selected one of my favourite pop singers and her self titled album, robyn. this is an important album in my music library, and i wanted to work with it as a final project. i was inspired by iconic 80's album covers to create the front cover portrait, and experimented with the typography for the title. i think the end result is quite powerful.
overall, the 'picturing sound' class was a real treat. i really enjoyed the course, and am very satisfied with the body of work created over the course of the semester. special thank you goes to the professor, calef brown, who was truly inspiring.
i end this post with the final artwork for the back cover of the album. other then showing you the illustration on the back, i also wanted to share with you the tracklist from the album so that you can have a listen to some great pop songs.

'robyn' lp album artwork (back) . 2016


belly dance disco

belly dance disco . 2016

here's another assignment from my 'picturing sound' class. titled 'genre mashup', the assignment asked us to combine two genres of music and create an illustration of it, combining typical visuals of both genres. i decided to combine disco with belly dancing – disco represented with the mirror ball and lit dance floor, while belly dancing is shown with the belly dancer silhouette and a repeated fez and moustache motif representing the male audience.
the final illustration is a repeat wallpaper pattern design. i wanted to combine my illustration practise with my textile studies and try something different on this particular assignment. i'm pretty satisfied with the end result.

stay tuned for end of semester posts and final projects...