meet the environment agents

environment agency – abu dhabi team . 2018

environment agency – abu dhabi team . 2018

environment agency – abu dhabi team . 2018

here are a series of illustrations i worked on last year for the environment agency – abu dhabi. the lovely team at capsule arts included me as one of the selected artists to work on a series of illustrations to be displayed in the agency's newly renovated interiors.
i worked on a series of illustrations commemorating the various team members at the environment agency and their activities. the final product was a series of six illustrations, framed and installed by the organisation's staff room. i wish i had a photograph of the final illustrations on display, but unfortunately I was unable to retrieve any. 
so for this post, i'm sharing my three favourite illustrations from the final six. if you're an environment agency staff member, or have the opportunity to visit their offices, you'll get to see the complete series in all its glory.


smile, it's ramadan

smile, it's ramadan . 2019

wishing all those that are observing the holy month a ramadan kareem. it's my first ramadan in two years since moving back home post grad school, and i'm happy to be back around family as it's the only time of year we eat together for the month.
here's a little festive illustration based on a photo i took of ramadan decorations in one of the malls here. i immediately saw a smiley face and thought it was funny, because people during the fasting hours are far from happy!
i'll keep this short and sweet – try to make the most of ramadan whether you observe it or not. and remember, an empty stomach isn't an excuse for bad behaviour. i feel people tend to behave even worse during fasting hours and it's so stupid! drive safe, don't be judgy, give back in some way to those in need, and lastly, your experience during ramadan is a personal one. leave everyone else alone to experience their version of it.