ramadan by numbers

tasbih prayers (33) . 2015

eid al fitr (3) . 2015

a project i just completed in time for the holy month are a couple of posters for an exhibition titled 'ramadan by numbers'. the exhibition investigates the beauty of numbers in ramadan, and how they function as both spiritual gains and disciplinary reminders. this exhibition encourages an alternative look into the making of ramadan; a deconstructed month, and a reconstructed understanding. the exhibition is curated by my dear friend tima ouzden, in collaboration with the sheikh mohammed centre for cultural understanding.
the first number i got assigned was 33, representing tasbih prayers, involving the repetition of 3 short sentences glorifying god, which are 'subhan allah' (glory be to allah), 'alhamdulillah' (praise be to allah) and 'allahu akbar' (allah is the greatest). each are repeated 33 times, and prayer beads are commonly used to keep track of the repetition of each sentence.
the second number i worked on was 3, representing the 3 celebratory days of eid al fitr, marking the end of ramadan and the fasting period. celebrations include prayers, a lot of food, and spending time with family and loved ones. 
ramadan by numbers is taking place in the ramadan gallery, part of an event titled rwaq, located at the jbr walk. if you're in the area, make sure to head down and check out some amazing illustrations representing ramadan by numbers, by myself and some of the best artists (that i'm happy to call my friends) the city has to offer. the exhibition runs throughout the holy month.
thank you tima for the opportunity. and i hope everyone's posters in the exhibition educates and sparks positive knowledge to someone unaware of the holy month and it's importance in islam.


ramadan mubarak

ramadan mubarak . 2015

a quick greeting to all the krossbreed lovers out there. ramadan mubarak to everyone practicing. god bless and may all your prayers be answered during this holy month. 
wil be posting projects very soon. it's been an exciting couple of months so stay tuned. until then, i share with you this e-card made for tashkeel.