halloween 2017

happy halloween . 2017

taking a mental break from school assignments to work on a quick halloween illustration. 
it's that time of year again! i didn't really partake in any halloween festivities over the weekend, because i believe halloween should be celebrated on the actual day. i unfortunately have classes on halloween, but if i have energy, might step out and celebrate.
wishing everyone a happy halloween. be safe and hope everyone's having a spooky time! & i hope you like the illustration...


studies for a sikka story for art4sight

studies for a sikka story . 2017

art4sight invite . 2017

art4sight is back for its latest edition, and i am happy to be a part of it once again. i've been contributing to noor dubai's great cause for the last few years (here's previous contributions from 2014 and 2015), doing my part in helping cure preventative blindness and restoring the gift of sight to hundreds in need around the world. i hope my contributions have made a difference to someone out there. 
for this year's edition, i've donated a one-off print titled 'studies for a sikka story'. the motifs in the print are originally from my research last semester for my final project (see more on it here). i've presented my illustrated motifs collectively as a digital archival print for the auction. if anyone's interested in charms, talismans and symbolism on masculinity, this print is for you!
art4sight is happening on wednesday, 11 october 2017, from 6pm at dubai design district (see above invite for details). to everyone in dubai – if you'd like to buy some art, and contribute to restoring someone's sight, please make sure to attend art4sight and do your part for the cause.
a special thanks goes out to dr. manal taryam and the noor dubai team for always reaching out and asking for my work to be a part of the show. also, thank you tashkeel for taking care of printing and delivery whilst i'm away. much appreciated.