krossbreed photography

kitsch luggage . 2011

ronaldo's actually from the emirates . 2011

floppy wig 1 . 2011

floppy wig 2 . 2011

mr. & mrs. jnin . 2011

ad like zine . 2011

starry night . 2011

streets of suburbia . 2011

first off, i'd like to wish everyone a happy new year. may 2011 be good to us all, and all our dreams come true. having said that, i've decided 2011 is going to be a year of new directions for me. in order to enhance my skills as an artist/illustrator, its time to experiment with new mediums and branch out on new projects. i've always been a huge fan of photography, so my first experiment in the start of the new year is to get back into it, and take photos of anything that catches my eye on the streets of my city (and/or any city). these photos were taken one evening roaming the streets of karama. hopefully this experience will help bear fruit and influence upcoming potential projects...