bring the sword and axe...!

bring the sword and axe character illustration . 2010
bring the sword and axe digital sketch . 2010

bring the sword and axe final skate deck . 2010

bring the sword and axe skate deck detail . 2010

one of my favorite projects, this artwork was created for the fakie skate 'dexhibition'. The concept is based on a combination of the urban world of skating, & traditional UAE folklore. To me, skaters are like urban superheroes, riding across a concrete jungle looking for excitement. It’s as if their skate decks are weapons, using them to move around the urban playground, known to the rest of us as the city.I decided to juxtapose the phrase ‘Bring the sword & axe’, emphasizing the idea of skaters as urban superheroes. The origins of the phrase comes from the ancient world of sailors and fishermen, who would scream it when they felt they were in danger from demonic creatures of the waters. This would help scare off the jinni’s and demons away from their boats and ships. Just like the fishermen and sailors of our forefathers, to me, skaters are fearless and daring, like modern day superheroes. If faced with any danger, they would look at it straight in the face, and skate forward to fight back…