new direction

new direction . 2011

new direction (detail) . 2011

they say the best works are produced when under pressure! & for the first time, i felt the same way.
i was asked to participate in tashkeel's latest exhibition titled 'crossing the line'. the exhibition is a contemporary & unconventional showcase of drawings by artists based in Australia, UK & the UAE. it was quite interesting to be a part of a show that was varied in styles, but still fall under the category of drawing.
i called my piece 'new direction' because i fell in love with the end result, even though the process of finishing this piece was the shortest i've worked on so far. i started off with a simple organic black & white line drawing of a figure drowned in a plethora of organic & geometric shapes. but the drawing needed something extra to push it to the next level as a finished piece. so the idea of screen printing an extra layer came to mind which worked perfectly. the screen printed pink geometric shapes made the final piece pop & stand out as a strong artwork.
i personally love the combination of hand drawing & screen printing to create a piece. it's definitely a technique i will start using for upcoming artworks, giving my works & practice a 'new direction'...