cry wolf

cry wolf 1 . 2012

cry wolf 2 . 2012

cry wolf 3 . 2012

cry wolf 4 . 2012

cry wolf 4 (version 2) . 2012

cry wolf 1 sketch . 2012

cry wolf 4 sketch . 2012

it's the new year and time for the first post of 2012 & new projects!
first up, we've got a series of illustrations for a children's publication soon to be released. i was approached to be part of a project honoring famous children's fables and stories, many of which i have grown up with reading as a child. the stories are from around the world, & each illustrator was assigned a story to interpret through illustration. i was assigned the famous story 'the boy who cried wolf'; about a farm boy who constantly lied that his herd of sheep were attacked by a pack of wolves, until one day it really happened, and no one believed him...
i was so excited to be a part of this project as children's book illustrations was something i definitely wanted to do for a very long time. and for a first attempt, i'm quite happy with the results.
my visual interpretation of the story relates to the heritage & culture of where i come from, giving a subtle arabic feel to it. it was quite challenging having to reinterpret a story in 3-4 different illustrations. but in the end, i figured out a solution that focuses on the characters, without being a literal interpretation of the written story. while growing up, i found the best illustrations were the one's that give you just enough for you to look at, leaving enough room to interpret the rest yourself.
i'm still not sure how many of the illustrations above will be selected for the final publication. ideally all four would be awesome. but i guess it will be a surprise for us all. stay tuned for updates...