here's to the underdogs...

leylam . 2013

baqala . 2013

baladiya . 2013

city portraits notebooks . 2013

it's great to be back posting new projects! apologies for the long pause. it has been a busy few months...
so the new year's already underway & as always, new projects come along. for those who already know, march in dubai is filled with art events & fairs including art dubai, sikka & design days dubai. & along with these fairs come amazing projects & initiatives. one of my favorite initiatives that i look forward to & am a loyal fan of every year is the dxb store.
the dxb store brings together some of the best independent creatives; promoting & selling limited edition designed products. the variety is enough for everybody's tastes. for the last 3 editions, i've been privileged to have showcased my work at the dxb store. it's actually where a lot of people got to know what krossbreed is all about. it's so rewarding to see people wearing my t-shirts or carrying my notebooks & other items.
for this year's edition, i've created a new line of notebooks titled ‘city portraits’. these hand held sketchbooks pay homage to the true underdogs of the city. from the grocery delivery boy, to the men in orange keeping dubai clean, these notebooks pay tribute to the hard working souls we tend to forget.
if you're visiting any of the fairs over the next few days, make sure to pop by any of the dxb store branches & purchase a notebook (or 3) for yourself.