eve . 2014
eve original sketch . 2014
eve at 'what do you hear?' for sikka . 2014

for dubai's 2014 art season (also known as march madness!), i kept my contribution to a minimum because of the extreme workload in the office at tashkeel. but any contribution is good i think!
for this year, i was invited to participate in reiner erlings first curated exhibition titled 'what do you hear?'. a short music piece was created by the reiner erlings team which was then shared with the contributing artists. each artist had to visually interpret the music and create an art piece which would be showcased at the sikka art fair.
my submission is the illustration you see above. titled 'eve', my piece is based on a female figure conceived from listening and interpreting characteristics from the music piece; a woman that is mysterious, mythical and magical. eve is tragic, sensual and seductive. a woman controlled, but in control.
for the presentation of my piece, i tried a different way of framing then usual. I presented eve as if in a space with depth, creating a box frame, where you peer inside to catch a glimpse of eve inside a dark space.
with a short timeframe to work with, i think i did quite a good job with the illustration. i absolutely loved the presentation of the framing and will definitely look into framing in a similar way on future pieces if relevant.
thank you to the reiner erlings family for inviting me to be a part of the project. looking forward to seeing it grow and hopefully will be a part of it in the near future.