5 times a day for reflections

5 times a day. 2012 - 2013

it's great seeing how my '5 times a day' series always gets picked up every year for different occasions! this year, these illustrations are being showcased during the holy month of ramadan at the emaar tent and gallery, as part of an art exhibition titled 'reflections, showcasing artworks that explore the notions of reflection during the holy month.
for more information on the exhibition and other works on display, make sure to head to the emaar gallery website. also, make sure to check out capsule arts' blog post on the illustrations and exhibition here.
the exhibition is currently on display for the duration of ramadan, and will continue into the month of august.
lastly, capsule arts are still selling these prints on their online shop. so if you're in the mood of buying one (or 3) for yourself, or for a friend, make sure to head to their website where you can purchase these prints online.