kylie showgirl gig poster . 2016

here's another project from my 'picturing sound' course i'm happy to share. we had to create an illustrated gig poster that would function like a proper concert poster (includes name of artist, tour name, venue & date). i thought this would be a great opportunity to create a poster of one of my favourite pop singers ever - kylie minoguei am a super kylie fan, and have been to six of her shows so far. from costumes, stage projections, merchandise, and tracklists, a kylie concert is always pure entertainment. 
for the assignment, i chose one of the concerts i unfortunately didn't get to see. the 'showgirl: greatest hits' tour looked absolutely amazing and was one of kylie's iconic shows which was sadly interrupted and canceled due to her health. i really wish i got to see the show live back in 2005, but i do have the dvd to watch it as many times as i want!
there were many memorable costumes from the showgirl tour, one of the most memorable being the iconic blue feathered corset and headdress designed by john galliano worn during the show's opening set. it really defines kylie as the ultimate showgirl, and i wanted to include it in my poster. i used pen and watercolour as my main medium, and hand drew the type for 'kylie' and 'showgirl'. the end result is a banner like poster with the petite pop princess in mid air.
there's always room to edit work, and after a few iterations, i was satisfied with the final layout above. i hope everyone seeing this enjoys it too. and if kylie ever stumbles upon this online, i hope you like it too as much as i love your creativity and music. there is only one kylie, and she's our favourite showgirl...