back home

portrait . 2018

it's been awhile since i last updated my blog. i've been back home in dubai for almost a month now, and have been occupied with settling back and adjusting to being here. i'm so glad to be amongst my family and friends again, and in the city that inspires me. but i do miss moments of being in providence – like my apartment, or my amazon prime account! what i do miss the most is having a studio space, and completely committing to an artistic practise. my biggest challenge with being back is figuring out how to apply my risd experience into my practise here, and making it all work towards becoming a sustainable artist.
i can't wait to see what projects i work on next and what i come up with. i'll slowly be picking up momentum once i get past the jet lag and cleaning up my room which is in need of a long, overdue makeover! until then, i just wanted to let everyone know that i'm back home. 
i illustrated myself as a quick exercise to get my creative juices flowing. stay tuned, for posts on what's to come, and some old projects i didn't have time to share.