10 years since st. marys

an ode to high school . 2010

its been 10 years since i graduated from st. mary's catholic high school. and i must admit, catholic school really did live up to every stereotype in existence! at the time it did feel pretty miserable being there for 13 very long years of my early life! but looking back, i do miss being there (partially!). what i really miss the most is how simple life was when i was younger.
to all my friends that i still know and to those that i have lost touch with, to all the nuns and teachers who made sure our lives were miserable with good intentions, to my sisters who went through what i did before me, i dedicate this post to you all, and most importantly, to st. mary's high! thank you for looking after me when i hated you the most, and for always being a part of who i am today.