the kylie post

at kylie's 'aphrodite les folies' concert . london 2011

'fierce and mighty aphrodite' sketch . 2011

'fierce and mighty aphrodite' final . 2011

'fierce and mighty aphrodite' tee . 2011

this post was bound to happen eventually! as many of you know, i am probably the biggest fan of kylie minogue in dubai! i think it all started when my sisters used to constantly listen to her music while i was growing up. this probably nurtured the fan i have grown to become today. i've been to her shows, have all her cd's and follow her career religiously. as a designer, i also love the visuals behind the kylie brand. the talents of william baker (her creative director), tony hung of adjective noun (responsible for all the graphic design) and the rest of 'team kylie' are just inspiring. most importantly, her music is great, uplifting and pure pop. 
now here's a competition that was destined for me! after coming back from her amazing show in london, i was informed of a t-shirt design competition for a collaborative project between ms. minogue and the awesome fashion designers, dolce & gabbana. there was no doubt that i would submit a design for the contest! and what you see above is what i came up with. the theme of the contest is simply the current 'aphrodite les folies' tour, which i have already experienced. my illustration is a personal interpretation of the show, and the visuals i found most memorable at the concert. i've got my fingers crossed and i hope to win. and if kylie minogue ever sees this, i hope she likes what she sees...
if you want to help me win the contest and make a dream come true, you can vote by heading to the link here - http://t.co/6YpBjco