feast: shopopolis fanzine

delfina having a look at my sketches . 2011

detail of feast: shopopolis fanzine . 2011

delfina . 2011

noor . 2011

trevor . 2011

talia . 2011

fahim + ideas for cutlery . 2011

abdul . 2011

ahmed + trevor . 2011

during my london residency project (see previous post for details), i carried a sketch book wherever i'd go to document my process and to mainly keep a visual record of the fun memories of the project and the people i've met along the way. over the course of the project, we thought it would be a good idea to create a 'publication' to disseminate as a giveaway for people interested in our project. everyone agreed that the sketches were pretty wicked and worth sharing rather than keeping it to ourselves.
so i'm proud to say i have my very first publication / fanzine based on some of my illustrations. it looks pretty cool and am definitely inspired to make more fanzines so watch out!
a big thank you goes out to miranda from the delfina foundation. if it wasn't for her, this fanzine wouldn't exist.
if you'd like to get your hands on a copy, keep me posted...