wick curiosity shop

jo & man . 2011

the lord napier . 2011

velda & dot. 2011

eton manor church . 2011

the last project i worked on while in london was for the wick curiosity shop, an online archive documenting the area of hackney wick. what was great about being a part of this project was the opportunity to work at the folly for a flyover, an amazing space built under a flyover, hosting film screenings and workshops. my task was to illustrate some of the important architectural and historical landmarks of the wick area, as well as some of its iconic figures from the community. my illustrations were used on maps created for the public to take and explore the area with.
i'm really glad i said yes to being a part of the project. it was a fun afternoon, and a great way to end my residency in london. thank you polly for including me in the project. hope to work with you again in the near future...