lost in oz

lost in oz . 2012

i personally enjoy creating new original artworks for upcoming exhibitions. it keeps my creative juices flowing & helps improve my drawing skills.
i was asked to participate in the australian edition of 'crossing the line', where artist's from the middle east will showcase contemporary line drawings & artworks. i showed 'new direction' at the first edition held in dubai. i don't have the artwork anymore as it's been auctioned off for charitable purposes, which meant figuring out a new piece for australia.
i wanted to create something with the same visual aesthetic as 'new direction'. so i came up with the piece you see above, appropriately titled 'lost in oz'! there isn't much to explain, other then during the process, a lot of 'good' mistakes happened! the intention was to make the final piece look incomplete & minimal. so when the green overlay didn't completely print (was supposed to go across the page), i was actually satisfied with the error that occurred!
the exhibition will take place from the 14th july at the langford 120 gallery in melbourne, australia. stay tuned on the gallery's website for updates on the show...