camels & birds tee

camels & birds (gif) . 2012

camels & birds tee (male) . 2012

camels & birds tee (female) . 2012

over the years as krossbreed continues to grow & get recognition, one of the most popular designs people have enjoyed till this day has to be the camels & birds pattern. from tote bags to wallpapers, camels & birds has moved from the digital screen where it was conceived, to the public's personal & private domains.
during this time, i always wanted to have camels & birds printed on t-shirts. but whenever the opportunity arose, i was never ready for it. but the time finally arrived where i was comfortable & ready to make this happen. as a participant at maraya art centre's latest exhibition titled 'the present', i decided to create two new t-shirt designs, one being camels & birds (more on the second design soon!). to make everyone happy (i hope!), i decided to create two versions of the design, having the pink/black combination as a female tee, and the blue/black for males.
to get your hands on one of these limited edition tees, make sure to head to maraya art centre in sharjah where they are currently sold. but if sharjah seems to be out of your way, you can always get in touch directly via email...