from me to you

from me to you (b/w) . 2012

from me to you . 2012

from me to you tee . 2012

the illustration above was my second contribution/design on t-shirts, for the present exhibition.
'from me to you' derived from the question’s ‘what would you leave as a present?’ & ‘ on a personal level, how are you present in the current landscape?'. 'from me to you' pays homage to the lovely gesture of gift giving & will hopefully leave a memorable mark on whoever purchases them. when the world grows older, & i no longer exist, i hope these t-shirts act as a memory of who i was, & the presence i had as an individual & designer.
this limited edition tee comes in a female cut only, & are currently on sale at the maraya art centre for the duration of the exhibition. again, if sharjah seems to be out of your way, you can always get in touch directly via email...
i dedicate this t-shirt (& all the tees created so far) to everyone who's supported my work & to all the krossbreed lovers out there...