krossbreed for capsule arts - neighbourhood series

deira . 2013

karama . 2011

satwa . 2013

i am delighted to announce that i am one of eighteen artists contributing to capsule arts' launch of limited edition prints by various artists based in the uae. capsule arts is a platform that has recently been set up to sell art though a limited edition print collection & artist commissions. access to these prints can be through their online store, & at pop up exhibitions across the UAE. also, capsule arts offers bespoke services for art/design related events & projects.
i am really glad to be part of an initiative which creates a platform that enables artists to sustain a professional career in the creative industries by focusing on affordable art for the public to access & be able to purchase.
i have contributed 2 series' of illustrations for the print launch. the first series is the neighbourhood series, which started as a simple illustration of karama a couple of years ago (see previous post here). it's great to see the illustration as part of a series which will be on sale very soon.
prints from the neighbourhood series (which includes deira, karama & satwa) will be available to purchase at capsulearts.com
to stay updated on capsule arts & the launch of the prints, make sure to check out their website for updates & also on their blog whereismyshark.com.
also, check out their artist feature blog post on me here.
stay tuned for information on the second series of illustrations...