rivers of the world 2.0

river city . 2013

river culture . 2013

river of life . 2013

polluted river . 2013

resourceful river . 2013

working river . 2013

once again, i worked on the this year's edition of rivers of the world, this time focusing on the river thames. like last year, i worked alongside a talented designer/artist, who is also my dear friend, layan attari. together we offered 6 art workshops at 6 different schools based in dubai, introducing the children to art techniques & creating artworks based on assigned themes about the river thames.
the final 6 artworks are presented above. here are brief descriptions about each of the final artworks:
river city: students were asked to illustrate iconic imagery associated with london onto different city maps. these icons collectively make up the city of london & it’s expansion throughout the years from the river thames & beyond.
river culture: using the victorian era as inspiration, students were asked to create a series of collaged skirts made out of images of various sailboats, representing the fashionable women who'd attend nautical activities at the thames as a common past time. 
river of life: students drew & assembled unique creatures based on existing marine-life found in & around the thames, comprehending the endless possibilities of life that exist because of the river.
polluted river: a positive outlook about the prevention of pollution through recycling. students illustrated plants on everyday discarded materials, symbolizing the positive effects of recycling on the environment. 
resourceful river: for many civilizations that settled along the thames, the river provided resources used for the progression of communities. using watercolours, students painted farm-related visuals, contributing to the growth of modern day london.
working river: students focused on the stories of sailors & the adventurous lives they lead. loosely based on the aesthetics of sailor tattoos, students illustrated nautical imagery, communicating themes of a sailor's life.
it was great to be a part of the project for a second time. thank you british council for inviting me to be a part of rivers of the world from the beginning. it was a great experience working with children from the community & seeing them unleash their creativity. this is definitely an experience i will never forget...