afrobeats postcards

azonto . 2015

kukere . 2015

skelewu . 2015

apart from launching an illustration zine (see previous post), another project i worked on during march's crazy art season was the rca secret dubai postcard exhibition. artists were asked to submit original postcard sized artworks which were showcased at this year's art dubai and were up for sale for aed 500 each. what's fun about this project is that no one know's the identity of the artist of the postcard purchased, until they buy it and their name is revealed on the back of the card. so the showcase is compiled of a variety of artists in different levels and stages in their careers.
on the last day of art dubai, the exhibition was opened to buyers to register and purchase their favorite postcards, and the artist names were announced. i was happy to find out that two of my three submitted postcards were sold. not sure if the third got sold in the end, but i do hope it finds a happy home wherever it is.
for the exhibition, i decided to theme my postcards on famous dance moves from one of my favorite music genres, afrobeats/dancehall – azonto, kukere & skelewu. the illustrations were carbon print drawings onto the plain postcards.