the supreme council for motherhood & childhood

mother & child . 2015

here's a quick post of a quick illustration i worked on for a quick project!
i was approached by the supreme council for motherhood & childhood to create an illustration for collateral they wanted to distribute during a career fair. i came up with the illustration above which was inspired by paintings of the madonna & child. the illustration did make its way onto mugs which were given out to guests that visited their space at the fair.
i'm really glad i got to work on this short but sweet assignment. i do hope this project opens opportunities to work with the council again in the near future.
lastly, i dedicate this post to all the mothers out there. the first day of spring (march 21) marks mothers day in the arab world. so a belated mothers day to all. us children might not show it all the time, but we love you dearly on the inside always...