exhibitions in abu dhabi

at art: process & practice seaf exhibition, warehouse 421 . 2015

at art: process & practice seaf, warehouse 421 . 2015

at emirati expressions: conventions of arts . 2015 (photo by hind mezaina)

november was a busy month at the capital! i am so happy to be a part of 2 important exhibitions – emirati expressions: conventions of arts, and art: process + practice salama bint hamdan emerging artists fellowship, at warehouse 421.
as mentioned in my earlier post on emirati expressions, i am exhibiting illustrations of abu dhabi's iconic cultural and social institutions. as the main exhibition is meant to be an interactive experience, attendees are allowed to take posters of my illustrations. it's been great hearing all the positive feedback and seeing the amount of people carrying these posters! i love that my artwork is accessible to an audience that go beyond art collectors. so thank you to everyone out there that picked up a poster (or three). other products at the exhibition with my illustrations include tote bags, tshirts and notebooks, on sale at the shop. emirati expressions: conventions of arts runs until 31 March 2016, at manarat al saadiyat. for more information click here.
the other exhibition i'm truly honored to be a part of is the seaf (salama bint hamdan emerging artists fellowship) exhibition, art: process and practice. the exhibition is part of a new cultural district in abu dhabi, called warehouse 421, which was inaugurated during an amazing 3 day event filled with a creative market, workshops, music performances and art exhibitions. for the exhibit, i showcased my project observation series which was developed during my progress in the 2014-2015 edition of the fellowship program. friends and followers know how important the project and the fellowship experience was to me. so i am so happy to share my observations series to the public. during the exhibition opening, i was touched by how many people were so positive towards the project. thank you to everyone that came down to say hi and share their feedback. art: process and practice runs until february 2016, at warehouse 421. for more information click here.
i purposely keep this post short and sweet. the real experience is through viewing the artworks in person, and i recommend everyone reading this to do so and check out both exhibitions. i'm humbled to be able to share two art projects i'm proud to have worked on in exhibitions that have been carefully curated and executed.