flags of the uae - a social media project

abu dhabi . 2015

dubai + ajman . 2015

fujairah . 2015

sharjah + ras al khaimah . 2015

umm al quwain . 2015

trucial states . 2015

happy birthday to my home, the united arab emirates. on the occasion of its 44th anniversary, i decided to work on a quick social media project titled flags of the uae, by posting on my social media pages (instagram + twitter) a flag a day of each emirate.
for those who don't know, before the united arab emirates became a nation on 2 december 1971, the uae was known as the trucial states; a group of sheikhdoms under the agreed protection of the british government, between 1820 to 1971. after the treaties with the british government ended, the sheikhdoms, or emirates, decided to unite together, becoming the united arab emirates we know today.
each emirate has it's own flag which are made of red and white fields. the trucial states flag has an additional 7 point star. i find these flags really cool and wanted to share them on the occasion of the uae's 44th anniversary. nowadays you don't get to see these flags much. but at some locations, you still do see flags of each emirate hoisted with pride, along with the official flag of the uae (see below).
alot has changed since the days of the trucial states. the uae has grown so much and so fast, even though its still only 44 years young. i am very proud to be from here, and look forward to growing together. may god bless this nation, its rulers, and people. happy birthday uae!

united arab emirates . 2015