to new beginnings

tashkeel wall of shame . 2015

there comes a point in everyone's career where one makes a very difficult decision to move on to the next chapter in their lives. i am one of these people taking this next step, and have decided to become a full-time independent creative, figuring out what that means along the way!
friends and followers of my blog know i have been working at dubai's community art space tashkeel around the same time i started this blog. it's been five years i've worked at tashkeel as a project coordinator and graphic designer. i entered tashkeel as an inexperienced 25 year old, looking for an opportunity. after making a very difficult decision, i leave as a mature 30 year old, ready to take on the next challenges in my life.
so much has happened in the last 5 years. i have grown and learnt so much along the way that i can't even begin to explain. tashkeel has become a family to me then just a workplace. i am truly honored to have been a part of the tashkeel team, and contributed to it's development. after 5 years, i think we both have given all we could for each other, and is time for both of us to grow separately. however, they say once you enter tashkeel, you can never leave! i think that is slightly true. even though i'm not an employee there anymore, i still work from tashkeel as a member, using the facilities for the creation and development of my projects.
i have to end this post with a few thank yous. to lateefa and jill – thank you for believing in me 5 years ago and making me part of the team. the experience was unforgettable. to the tashkeel team, past and present, it was a real pleasure working with you all. some of you are more then just ex-work colleagues and i'm humbled to have you as my friends. to everyone else i've encountered along the way, it's been a pleasure. lastly, thank you tashkeel for your positive, creative energy. thank you for making me see the world, grow as a human being and as an artist. wishing you all the best and may you continue to grow and prosper.
its finally time to start doing things my way, and under my terms. i'm looking forward to all that comes next. it's going to be a fun ride.
to new beginnings. stay tuned...

ps – the image above is a wall of hilarious photos of me over the last 5 years at tashkeel, selected by my then work colleague, and friend, salama nasib. i would walk into the office every morning to find a new embarrassing photo of myself stuck behind my desk. i call it the 'wall of shame' because it's hilarious how i looked in the past, and amazing to see how i've evolved over 5 years. thank you salama for the observation!