krosbreed vinyl

krossbreed vinyl package design . 2012

krossbreed vinyl . 2012

another official announcement from the house of krossbreed! along with the latest king & queen tee's released this month, i am also releasing the first series of vinyl wall stickers for anyone interested in decorating their boring walls! vinyl stickers was always something i wanted to venture into, and i finally had the opportunity to do so.
still playing with visuals inspired from playing cards, & queues from my culture that i find visually exciting, i came up with a simple pack of coloured vinyl stickers which you can purchase & stick on your wall according to your liking.
what you see above is a simple teaser of what to expect. stay tuned for more updates, including one more new krossbreed product announcement very soon. until then, if you spot the krossbreed vinyl pack around the city, make sure to pick one (or more) up. you won't be disappointed...