camel flower stencil design . 2012

tanak . 2012

here's the third and final krossbreed product i'm working on, to be launched & sold along with the latest tees & vinyls at the second edition of the dxb store at this year's art dubai. i'm super excited about all these products & look forward to seeing the response...
i attempted to create a series of plates last year with a similar 'camel flower' design. but unfortunately, the end product was a total disaster, & did not see the light of day. so for this year, i wanted to attempt making plates again, & push the idea to another level.
i am fascinated by traditional serving plates made out of tin, found in many traditional arabic homes here. i remember as a child, i loved seeing these kitschy serving plates around the house, & used at my grandma's when we gather together for meals. these beautiful plates are slowly disappearing from homes, replaced by modern, ugly kitchenware. they're so rare to find nowadays, unless you go on a scavenge hunt in traditional souqs..
so, i wanted to pay homage to these serving plates and their floral aesthetics by making a krossbreed version, honoring the 'tanak'!
a big shout out goes to my favorite girls tulip & layan, and my boys ahmed & bader. without their help, these tanaks wouldn't exist...